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How to Troubleshoot 10 Most Computer Common Problems

Anyone who has a computer knows how irritating is facing unexpected technical issues. Although most of the problems can be encountered through a reboot but other problems need help of a technical expert. Reboot is not the solution to resolve all the problems when you know that doing reboot may restore/remove all the installed application and nobody would be able to face this situation. In other end, these simple problems can be fixed through a computer cleaning tool but no one would like to pay only for a cleaning utility so keep in mind these things, we’re here revealing few general problems troubleshooting guide:


Slow Computer Performance

First, you need to know that if a website or a video is taking time to be load is not a sign of a slow computer. That might be because of slow network connection. Slow performance is when you’re trying to use any windows application such as Microsoft word, excel, paint, control panel etc and they are either slow or taking so much time to be load. In order to troubleshoot this issue, you need to download any cleaning utility such as Swift PC Optimizer that will find the redundant files and remove them instantly. Basically, when there are too many files are in process in background might be the reason behind the slow response of the system as they use power, random access memory in order to perform the task and when these components are too busy, system will start compromising. Well, to stop application to work   in background you need to stop these applications. To clean it, type the “msconfig” after opening the start button. You don’t have to do anything with Microsoft process, find the name appears as Google update, adobe update system clients boostrapper update etc, uncheck all the options and restart your system. You should be able to have different now.

Internet is slow

When you’re trying to browse anything, streaming or download and it‘s taking too much time? First go to speed test to check whether your package’s worth of speed or not. To fix it, check whether your network drivers are up-to-date or not. You need to find there aren’t any torrent clients running into background. You need to check about all the browsers are upgraded with latest version. If it’s not working, call your ISP and tell them about the problems you’re facing with your network speed.

System keeps restarting

It happens when update of windows is running or it was a corrupt window up gradation. If a window is being upgrade, you need to wait till the process complete and then restart your system once. It should be fixed.

When you have so much unused registry files in system and trying to re-install any application that you used earlier then it happens. These files keep conflict with new files and system give up to read these data and keeps restarting. In order to fix this issue you need to download a Best Free Registry Cleaner too that can delete all the unused registry files and troubleshoot this problem

Getting too many Popup

You’re not using internet even you’re having so much popup? Actually these are malwares, adware that most of the scam companies use to get the lead for their business. To prevent or remove such kinds of popup you need to run an antivirus scan that will block or remove all the un-necessary popup instantly and also protect computer.

Search page looking weird

There are many types of malwares and one of them is “Browser Hijack”. It takes browser to redirect the entire click to their websites.  This malware is also capable to steal the personal information. You can kick this nasty program of high-jacking by using any anti-malware program. If it doesn’t working, call any professional so that he can do this thing.

Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

Wireless problems can be because of many reasons such as poor connection, network driver etc. You need to find out first what the reasons might be behind it and then start fixing it. Check your wireless adopter as its working perfectly. Weak network signal is the main reason to have this issue so tune your wireless channel on the high frequency area. When all the things get useless, call the network provider.

Security Warnings

When you start computer and a notification keeps appearing as “your system is on risk” might be the so much annoying thing for anyone. To fix this, you need to check your firewall setting and reset them. Check your antivirus whether it’s updated or not. Sometimes the old date and time can create these problems. Most of the latest software works through the registry area and when your system shows old time and date, those software keeps notify about your system is on risk so change your date and time.

Printer isn’t working

This is the most common problem that usually comes when you try to printout something. You need to check this issue from the bottom. Check the printer driver whether they are updated on not. Check all the settings that needed on time of connecting your printer to your system. Reset all the settings and then do it again carefully. Make sure that “use printer offline” isn’t checked.

Unable to open E-mail attachment

You can fix it easily. Well it happens when you’re trying to download any attachment and the tool that read that attached file isn’t into your computer than system will refuse to read that file. You need to download that tools which use to read the file. Suppose there is a PDF file into the attachment and you don’t have adobe reader in your system than system will not read that file. In order to fix it, you need to download the adobe reader.

Program isn’t working in computer

Either the program is corrupt or system is not compatible for that program. If the program work in 32Bit windows system and you’re using 64BIT then program won’t work. Sometime the downloaded application or program comes with incomplete files and when you try to install, it start giving unexpected errors. If you’re having this issue with any application, you need to find mach the application compatibility with the system configuration. If system is able to run that program, you can re-download that application.

So basically having issue isn’t so strange. As being a technical device, it’s probable to have such kinds of issue. Most of the issue can be troubleshoot through a system cleaner software and other through with the help of a computer technician.




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